Disclaimer and Copyright

The sole purpose of Vatservice.info homepage is to inform about VAT refund. All information is based upon existing information contained in the 8th EU-VAT-Directive and on the individual countries' information about VAT refund.

The information pages are based on general information and cannot replace qualified consultancy about special rules for the refund of VAT, for example in connection with conveyance of passengers, which requires VAT registration, or bus driving, cabotage (transport inside an EU-country, which requires VAT registration), VAT refund special rules when a company has subsidiaries in the country in question, different exemption rules, for example repairs and other exemptions, etc.

The information on this homepage has been carefully collected and systematically organized. However, Vatservice.info cannot guarantee for the correctness or practical use of the contents. Thus, the use of the information on this homepage is for the user’s own risk.

Vatservice.info take no responsibility for false or incorrect information in every respect on this homepage, or on the external homepages and other internet pages, to which references or links were made on the Vatservice.info homepage.

Furthermore, Vatservice.info take no responsibility for pages linking to or referring to Vatservice.info’s homepage.

Articles, pictures, design, paradigmas, etc. of the homepage are protected by the law of copyright, unless otherwise stated , and must not copied or in other way be passed on for utilization without the explicit permission of Vatservice.info.

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